Sad Poems for Pride

In the past poems are used to express the ups and downs of life, and is also used for a way of living. Poems can be really beautiful for these are dedicated to someone dear to the heart or can be very melancholic depending on a poet’s mood. Although the historic age of poem used meter and rhyme, starting from the Victorian era until present have started writing free verse poems in which meters and rhymes do not come in necessary for what’s to be written is the stream of consciousness. If you want to write a poem to express your sorrows then here are some poems that may help bleed the most treasured human curse, Pride. These poems can be posted in social media sites like Tumblr and as Facebook status. If you wish write a poem of your own then you can use these sample messages manifested in the poems in this article as you guidelines.

*What do you do when all else fall apart,
Do you take take pride in the Heights of your Pride?
Are you proud to lose the significance of everything but of Pride?

*In the pyramids of human curses,
Beyond the mild levels of human atrocities;
Taking shelter in the mouth of the supreme evil–
Refusing to be swallowed,
Pride sits with gaiety in his accursed throne.

*All things bow down to the greatness of the Greatest;
Yet, yonder in the far reaches,
No greatness is considered far too great than his very own,
Pride refuses to bow on the grounds of Friendship
Despite the losing gravity of Love.

*Before venerated stories became legends,
And, Time was yet without name,
A disease thought to be incurable has spread over the lands of man,
Practitioners of early medicines have advised the victims to simply swallow it.
But the disease called Pride clawed its way back up.
No victims of the disease died,
But a graveyard for friendship and other forms of love
Are crowded with tombstones.

*Pride is like investing on a hopeless business–
You give your all from the start, just to lose everything in the end.

*The food web in science remains incomplete;
Unless scientists include Pride as the ultimate Consumer of everything.


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