Short Love Messages Poems

Love messages are sent and exchanged between people to express and shower their love on each other.

These messages when are framed in a poetic manner are called as love poems. Short love messages poems are the love filled poems that are sent and framed in a rhythmic manner to greet your lover in a romantic way.

Such messages are framed in a very pleasing manner, to attract and impress your lover.

Sample Short Love Messages Poems

I wish I could give you all the love of this world
To me you are the most beautiful girl
Being with you is a moment of paradise
I want to live with you in all my lives

I feel so glad to call you mine
I love you so much and together we will always shine
Your presence has always been the source of happiness
I deeply miss you and your warm essence

  • I wish if you could know I deeply I love you

I wish you could know that my love for you is true

I wish you can see in my eyes

I wish you can see the happiness when you are by my side


  • I love the way you smile

I wish to stay with you all this while

I am truly, madly, deeply in love with you

Your love is an only thing that I wish to pursue


  • You have always been a special person of my life

You have always made me happier and have filled me with surprises

I feel glad to have you by my side

I love you and you make me feel like a paradise


  • The day when I gave you my heart, I promised myself that we will never be apart

It was the beginning of my new life and there were many good things that were at a start


  • This is to let you know that I have a lot of love to show

I wish to love you from the head to toe and I assure you that our love will continue to grow


  • Words appear less to tell you how deeply I am in love with you

Your love is an only thing in my life that I will forever pursue

I love the way you love me because it is so pure and true

I love you, I really do!

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