Sister Birthday Messages Poems

A sister’s birthday is always a special occasion. Therefore the message has to be from the heart and extremely powerful. There is no need for fancy words or high-flown language but the birthday message or poem should be simple and uncomplicated.

The sister birthday messages poems must be heart-felt and absolutely sincere. They will leave a deep impact since love from a sibling is always impactful. Therefore they should be kept as honest as possible.

Sample Sister Birthday Messages Poems

[blockquote]A sister is god’s gift and you have been all that and more. You are the most understanding person in my life and can replace all my friends. Who says that two sisters can’t be friends? We have been friends and soul sisters and today, when it is your birthday, all I want to tell you is that I love you and I thank god for giving me the best gift in the world.[/blockquote]

[blockquote]Dear sister, you mean so much to me. A shared childhood binds us. Now that you have moved away, we no longer talk as often but I know in my heart of hearts that if I need to call on anyone in my hour of crisis it will be you. Therefore, here’s wishing you a very happy birthday and I love you more than you can ever know.[/blockquote]

  • Dear sister, you mean the world to me, and you have been my support system. I still remember the first time I held you in my arms and you looked at me with those bright and trusting eyes. It is hard to believe that my little sister has grown so soon. Happy birthday to the most precious gift I ever got.
  • [notice noticeType=”attention” ]A sister is the best thing that can happen to someone. I worry for you and love you. I hope that you will never grow enough to not need my support and care anymore. Here’s wishing you a very happy birthday and I hope that you have a healthy and happy year to come.[/notice]
  • You have been the world to me and much more, and now, it is with a shock that I realize you are no longer my cute small sister with pigtails. I hope you have the best life ever and any occasion is quite unthinkable without your active participation. So happy birthday, and may this year bring you countless gifts and good wishes.

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