Thank You Poems for Boss

For all the success and achievement that you get during your employment tenure, a word of thanks to your boss is the kindest gesture to let him know that he is respected. Thank you poems for boss are the poems that are expressive of employee’s thankfulness and gratefulness towards his or her boss. These poems are framed with the use of rhyming words, to show your thanks to your boss for his continuous encouragement, support and wisdom.

Sample Thank You Poems for Boss

  • Thanks boss for your help during those department chores,

You have helped us a lot behind that office door,

We are going to remember your knowledge and wisdom forever,

We are not going to forget your teachings ever.


  • Thank you boss as you were always there to lead

Thanks you boss as you encouraged me to succeed,

I am grateful for all the lessons that you made me learn

Working under you was a lifetime experience, filled with good memories and fun.


  • I wish to thank my boss for the raise in my pay,

I wish to thank him for all the knowledge that he raised on my way,

Thanks for being so understanding whenever I was late,

Thanks for making me what I am till date.


  • Respected boss, you have always helped me to get out of the chaos,

Thanks for inspiring me to do the things that I wished to accomplish,

You were always there to encourage me to flourish,

You will always remain an important leader to me,

You have made me what I always wanted to be.


  • Thanks a lot for helping us to keep on track,

Thanks a lot for patting on my back,

We are grateful to you as you have always appreciated,

Thanks a lot as my way has been success filled.


  • We dedicate this day just to you to let you know how special are you,

We do not have words to tell how glad we are to get the boss as you are,

Thanks for assisting us at the difficult times; you are the one, who has helped us to shine,

We will never forget the teachings that we got under you, thanks for being with us all through.


  • Working under you is a lifetime experience,

You have inculcated in us the professional sense,

Thanks for having trust in our abilities,

We assure you that we will continue to work with the best of our capabilities.

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