Thank You Poems for Boyfriend

Thank you poems for boyfriend are those loving poems that are sent by a girlfriend to their boyfriend in order to thank him for all his support, concern, love and care. These types of poems must be framed in a manner so that it expresses the love as well as thankfulness to the boyfriend. These messages can be sent through SMS, greetings, social network platform and others. Some samples are given below for reference.

Sample Thank You Poems for Boyfriend

  • Thank you for loving me eternally,

With you I have spent every moment beautifully

I love your presence in my life,

Thanks for being there at my side

I love you and I adore you!


  • I wish to thank you for holding my hand

I wish to thank you for making me feel so glad

You are the best boyfriend I could ever get

I love you and I adore the love filled moments.


  • You hold a key to my heart and that’s a promise to you that we will never be apart,

The love that I have for you will forever last and will never be a matter of the past

Please know that I am thankful to you for all the love that you show

I feel blessed to have you and I have so much that I owe.


  • You are the one who has doubled my happiness

You are the one who has a warm presence

I love you for everything that you do for me

You are the best thing that has ever happened to me

Thanks for making my life happy and glee!


  • Oh my dear, thank for always being so near

I love everything in you from your love to your immense care

I am sure that our love will last for years and years

I wish to stay with you forever,

I love you dear!


  • I felt blessed for the millionth time because I can proudly call you mine

I wish to thank you all the time for everything that you have done for me all this while.

I love your style and the happiness that comes after seeing you smile

I love everything in you and I wish to love you all the while.


  • Often I tell you how deeply I love you but this is a moment to say thanks to you,

Thank you for you love and kindness,

Thank you for sharing my happiness.

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