Thank You Poems for Teachers

Thank You poems for teachers are the best way to express your gratitude and love for your teachers who have been guiding and inspiring you in every walk of life. Take this opportunity to let your teacher know how much they mean to you. You can send this thank you note on a beautiful card or you can also SMS or email this poem. Reading out your poem on any occasion like teachers day is also a good option.

If nothing suits you then go ahead and post your feelings on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest etc. You can also leave this thank you poem as a note on the desk of your teacher to show them that how much you love and adore them. Make your teacher happy and proud with this poem.

Sample Thank You Poems for Teachers

  • You keep inspiring us without getting tired; you keep motivating us to reach the goals which are set quite higher. You are a person we all really admire and all we wish is that you never get retired. We are fortunate to get you as our teacher and we really wish to thank you for being the best guide and mentor.
  • You are not just a teacher to me, but you have always been a second mother to me. You inspire, you motivate; to help us at any time of need, you are the one who never hesitate. Thank you for being so kind and generous, we will always love and adore you as our best teacher. Thank You Teacher for everything!!
  • Thank you is a very small word to express all my gratitude for you, Adore you is another small word to describe all the love and respect I have for you. Thank You Teacher!!
  • If given a chance we would love to deliberately fail and stay in this class so that we can get some more time to stay with you until we really pass. Thank you is the only word that comes from the bottom of our heart for the one who has always been the centre of our life, our only compass. Thank you a ton teacher!!
  • You were never just a preacher but you live every lesson by your own life, dear teacher. You were the only believer whether we pass or fail; you have always guided and guarded us when we were on the wrong trail. Everyone was loved and cared by you whether a front rower or a back bencher, the knowledge and wisdom you have passed on to us has really made us greater and richer. Thank you dear teacher for everything you have done for us.

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