Thinking of You Messages Poems

Thinking of you messages poems are the messages that are sent when a person thinks of someone.

These are the thoughtful poetic messages that are sent when you are missing someone.

The messages are framed in a very polite and a sweet manner to tell your partner that he/she is being missed.

Such poetic messages must be drafted in a very attractive manner so that the person gets to know that he is being thought of.

Sample Thinking of You Messages Poems

I am thinking of you all this while
I am thinking about you and your smile
Your face is a beautiful to embrace
I want to live with you in every phase

If I can tell you a thing, I will tell you that I think about you
This is all that I have to do
I am in deepest love with you
Being with you is a feeling so fresh and new

It is something in you that I keep on thinking about you
I feel so scared and alone when you are not around
I feel so low and down
I want you to be with me all the time
I want you to know that you are just mine

Thinking of you always makes me glad
Staying away from you makes me sad
I miss you to an extent that I can’t bear the pain
I am thinking about you over and over again

Ever since the day I met you,
I am deeply thinking about you
You are a one true love of my life
I want to live with you in every phase of my life.

I love you and I love you very much
I love the warmth of your gentle touch
And I am thinking of you too much

All the while, I think of you
I am madly in love with you
To me you are a divine love
You are a blessing sent from GOD above

I am thinking of you, you reside in my mind and heart
I will always stay close to you and will never be apart
I wish I can always keep you by my side
I wish I can travel the world with you and can enjoy the moments of paradise

You will always have a place with me,
I think about you, do you ever see?

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