Wedding Poems Messages

Wedding is a blissful ceremony in which two people unite in the bond of matrimony.

At such a time, people, family members, friends and relatives send messages, wishes and cards to bless the married couple for their happy future.

This can also be done by sending wedding poems messages. These are the lyrical messages that are sent to the couple on their wedding, to congratulate and bless them for the blessed married life.

Sample Wedding Poems Messages

On your wedding, I pray for your blessed life
I am sure that you are going to be an awesome wife;
Blessings and wishes are sent your way
Here is a gentle wish to say – May the love between both of you forever stay.

Since you both are going to unite into the bond of matrimony,
I will pray that you continue to experience the happiness and bliss till eternity,
May you both stay happy and blissful all the while
May you both embrace each other’s smile.

It is the day of your wedding, a day so bright and true
May the love between both of you forever remain this lively and true;
You both look great together,
We are wishing for your happiness forever.

As you are embarking towards the new journey of your life,
We are wishing you all the best for the moments that you will mark with your wife
As you hold each other’s hand,
I am sure that you are going to become a perfect husband.

May this bond of love and companionship grows fonder and fonder,
May the love between both of your grows deeper and deeper
May the togetherness last forever
We wish you a blessed and a happy future.

It is the time when you are going to start your lives by being one,
At such an auspicious time, we hope that you experience moments of joys, laughter, and fun;
May the love between both of you grows fonder,
May you both live happily ever after.

Wedding day is the blissful day in your life,
I wish you all the best for being an awesome wife;
As you are laying your steps to your new home,
I wish all the happiness follows you and you have moments of togetherness and fun.

May this wedding bond welcomes lots of opportunities,
May the love between both of you last till eternity;
It is perhaps the best time,
Grab the moments to celebrate and shine!

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