Best Proposal Messages for Ideal Wife

There is nothing sweeter than confirming yourself about living the life of a husband for you have finally decided to marry your lover. In the means of proposal messages, a leap towards hearing the ringing of silver bells will never be too far. Proposal messages helps you declare to your lover how much you love her that, with willingness, you have decided to build a family with her.

Best proposal messages are gladly offered in this article for free to help you with your proposal speech. If you feel like changing some words or phrases in them, you are free to do such action. You may use these messages as basis of composing your very own for it not too sound cliche or for it not to be too cheesy for your girl, always remember every girl is entirely different from another so choose any of these messages that best fits your girl’s taste.

  • This age has taught me how beauty turns gray as it ages in time, but you have broken that theory for we have been together for twenty years now and your elegance still disarms me like it were the first time I’ve observed you; acknowledging what little act it is you do for I refuse to miss whatever it is you’re doing. I haven’t had enough of this and perhaps a lifetime is never enough to suffice my eagerness to be with you, but a lifetime being spent with you will¬†already suffice my joyous heart.
  • I have been good all my so that great things may come to my life and linger there forever. You are the greatest thing that has ever come to me and I wish you will linger till my heart rots and until traces of you will be fossilized as I breath the airs of death. Be mine today and I’ll muster all effort to build a bright future for our family.
  • I can only hope beyond hope that I am not too late to tell you this. I have been looking desperately for anyone to borne my silliness and jokes which deserve sighs of utter disgust. You alone are the only woman who have laughed at them not because they’re funny, rather they’re hilariously not funny at all. Make me your husband and I promise to tell you all those awful jokes I know just to see you smile despite the roughness of your day.
  • What if I tell that it’s mandatory you spend the remaining days of your life with me? I mean come on, trust me it is not entirely bad. Look on the brighter side, you get to witness God’s supreme creation who is known to be the epitome of male beauty and who also exercises the humane virtues of living. I don’t mean to be a self-proclaimed-want-to-be good person by heart, deed, and looks but I am merely stating what’s obvious. The most obvious thing that I’m going to tell you is how beautiful you will look like in a wedding gown as I say my yes in the altar of the church. Please marry me.
  • Honey, don’t you think it’s about time we grow some babies, plan for a good family, and plot the schools they should be enrolled to? I simply have this feeling that I will like it when finally calls me daddy and you as mommy, although I would probably dread the hours of changing diapers and their loud cries at night. This is just a dream I would really want to come true, if you could only just marry me now so we could go ahead with these plan then it will be great. Be the mother of my future sons and daughters.
  • I am never really the marrying type of lover, but you posses something that I’ve never seen from other women. My hopes are high to become your husband for I know you’ll make a great wife. It is rare to find someone who can keep up with one another and compromise in the most petty of matters, impossible even to find a girl like you for there is no one more like you than you alone. I want to marry you so bad, please grant my heart’s sole desire and I vow to never break your heart even a bit.
  • I will ask you random questions and your answer should only be yes, okay? Do you find yourself pretty? Do you find me annoying? Do you find yourself beautiful without makeup? Do you think you’re better than other women? Would¬†you eat tofu if I tell you to have some? Will you be happy if we are to build a family? Do you think I will be a good daddy? Do you think you will be a good mommy? Can you tolerate my loud snoring each night? Do you like gummy bears? Will you marry me?
  • I find it odd, though a little interesting, how it’s broadcast live on tv when the sun marries the moon in an hour or two as every human in the earth bears witness and see the beauty in the ceremony. Did it ever cross your mind that our wedding will be broadcast universally for them to witness love in the very meaning of it? Or do we still need to send everyone an invitation letter for our grand wedding including the extraterrestrial beings? I need to know your answer first if you’re going to marry me or not before we decide how to invite everyone.
  • Have you had visions of you future? Am I included in it? Sorry for asking you this because I have been having visions of a happy future were your smile are enough to illuminate the night sky, where peals of laughter can be heard from our kids, where I am the happiest that I have ever been in this life and I am alive in it– more than alive! Let my visions come and say yes to this proposal.

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