Effective Marriage Proposal Messages for Wife-To-Be

Marriage proposal messages are used to convey your urge to invite the person you adore most to live with you forever and build a family. Getting your marriage proposal message right will make her feel the princess in the movies we have seen and, we can’t simply deny this fact, girls have this fantasy to get a feel of a princess’ life from their young age until another sweet moments come along and breathe those feelings alive once more.

This article would like to help you with getting the moment of proposal for marriage right. Sample marriage proposal messages for your soon to be wife can be found below without any cost. You may choose from the various messages below and apply some changes in the words or phrases, or you can also add some sentences in it if you see the significance in doing so. The sample messages you find below can be used as guidelines should you choose to create your own proposal message for purposes of being unique. If so, carefully observe the words chosen here to set your tone right. The tone should be weaved with romance, sincerity, and a mild humor.

  • This relationship of ours is so like the sun and moon who are persistent in the chase yet have never grown weary even if they have both witnessed the death of a generation and the birth of another. The thing about our relationship is you and I have witnessed many a death of love and birth of another love, and still our love endures despite witnessing these heartbreaks. Make the sun and moon envy us by saying yes to this proposal of mine. Marry me, darling.


  • So I just thought that we are so much alike: I like dogs; you prefer cats, I like my coffee mild and hot; you prefer cold earl grey tea, you could stare at Chris Evans for long; I prefer looking at you all day and falling in love every time. These similarities of ours are so singular that I could live with this everyday. I proudly declare that this falling in love with you will be the only routine in this world that will never exhaust and bore me. If it isn’t to much to ask, please be with me for life officially and be the wife in my wedding day.


  • I never knew that my best friend would become my greatest girlfriend ever; I have been deprived of this knowledge until the day you said yes when I asked you to be my girlfriend. If the absolution of happiness is but a myth created in the past, I highly disagree to that notion for every time I am with you my happiness is always absolute and naturally genuine. You have no idea what a treasure it is to find a girl with a good taste like you in this generation. Show off to the world how good your taste is especially in choosing a husband by saying yes to my proposal. Will you marry me?


  • What a fool I was for looking for the best girl who is a wife material when there was no need in doing so. I was disappointed of myself for the amount I have wasted in searching for a wife and shocked to find out that there was no need in doing so for she was with me all along. I can no longer contain my desire in becoming your husband and make you the happiest woman alive until my lungs learn to forget breathing. I would be please if you are inclined to the thought of being my wife. Will you marry me?


  • My parents and your parents are wondering when will they ever have a grandchildren for they think they are only years away before meeting the face of their demise. I convincingly told them that we are both ready in conceiving one or ¬†two, but like the conservative and most patient man that I am I would not allow for the world to conceive a child without marriage. I know you are going to say yes and have been waiting for my proposal so I will give you the chance since I am so much in love with you. Will you marry me, baby?


  • Hello, clingy geek girlfriend, a vision came to me last night that your mother wishes you to be wedded with a person and not the funny looking guys you find in your game. Many have said that geeks will never become married for they have this sacred relationship with their games and movies that they fall short in acknowledging the love of a human. I believe that you are so much alike with the superhero in your game who is fond of breaking stereotypes, so please break the stereotypes that girls like you can’t marry a man. Marry me and together let us put an end to that stereotype.


  • For all I know this life of mine serves no purpose in this world but merely a passing existence who wishes only to cease existing as soon as possible. This idea had stopped from the first time I fixed my gaze on the twinkling starlight of your eyes. From the sight of it alone I knew then well how I needed you in my life which knows nothing about sunrises and sunsets for it is cursed with eternal night time. I have discovered that there is no longer a need for me to see the sun for the stars will be gone by then. I have learned to love my life and it is all because of you. Please stay and spend million happy moments with me. Marry me, my love.


  • From the first time I saw you I already know how many children we will have, how big our house would be, and how our house shelters two puppies and a kitten. It was like the future unfolded before me. I know this is extremely hard to believe. Marriage is the only way of letting you know that all I am saying is true. Think of it this way, if you marry me you will have a stable, bright future but you will be trap with me for the rest of your life. It’s a win-win situation. Marry me, darling, and I swear to God I will provide you the future you desire most.

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