Funny Proposal Messages

Funny proposal messages are the proposals which have a pinch of humour to it. Proposals are emotionally loaded precious moments which can be made even more special with the touch of hilarity to it.  Wit has always been the weapon to make things simple and smooth and same goes for proposal as well. Choose the best of the words and let the love of one’s life feel delighted and excited. The words have to be picked up carefully to create the everlasting moments.

This proposal could be send through sms, email or cards but the best way is to propose the love on the face. One can pick up the medium of their choice at the end of the day all that matters is the acceptance of the proposal.

Sample Funny Proposal Messages

  • You are the one who is the true love of my life you are the one who should become my wedded wife and before you decide to marry me I just wish to give you a promise that the next girl I will love in my life would surely be someone close to our heart, as it can be no one else but our daughter. Would you be with me forever?

[blockquote]I know that all this love will get converted into fights, I know all this holding hand would be converted in throwing things, I know all the red roses will take the form of huge shopping list and the candle light dinners would be converted in annoying social parties. But I still wish to spend rest of my life fighting with you, will you marry me?[/blockquote]

  • Many sleepless nights are being spent by me where in I was doing nothing but thinking about you and I really do not want my son to do the same for your daughter, so please marry me and let them be loving brother and sister forever, Girl will you hold my hand forever?

[notice noticeType=”attention” ]By marrying no one has done something great it’s a simple agreement where two people decide to become each other’s slave, but since I wish to experience this slavery myself, would you be my wife till I am here on this earth.[/notice]

  • All my travelling, partying, dirty rooms and freedom would be lost but I guess that’s the cost I need to pay to grab you in my arm for rest of my life. Will you marry me? Remember if you say No I can have endless party nights for rest of my life.

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