Proposal Messages for Boyfriend

Proposal messages for boyfriend are the messages that are sent to a boyfriend from his girlfriend in order to express the desire to spend the rest of her life with him. These are the messages that convey the feelings of the girl for the love of her life. The tone of the messages must be casual and it can be send through a SMS, email or a lovely proposal card. These messages can also be sent with the help of a social media platform like tweeter, Facebook or pinterest.

The language of the message should be impressive and emotional that should be able to fetch the positive response from the boyfriend.

Sample Proposal Messages for Boyfriend

[notice noticeType=”alert” ]True love is hard to find and once found it should be protected carefully. Your love has transformed my life and now all I want is to spend rest of my life with you. Boy will you become my soul mate for the lifetime, will you marry me?[/notice]

  • I just wish you to know that you are the only one I wish to spend rest of my life with. Even the tears shed for you bring happiness rather than a smile from someone else. This life is incomplete without you, would you be mine?

[notice noticeType=”attention” ]I love you and that’s the only feeling I recognize these days. I have been madly in love with you and imagining any life without you is out of the question now. Will you like to spend the rest of your life being my Boy?[/notice]

  • Your shoulders are the shelter I have for all my tears your eyes are the strength giver in all my stupid fears. Your smile is the source of happiness in my life and your love is one thing that inspires me to become your legally wedded wife. Boy would you hold my hand and walk in the journey of this life?

[blockquote]Life is a journey that is complete only when you have a partner to hold your hand and walk along in this journey. You are that partner who gives me solace in all my worries. After finding you I just do not wish to meet anyone else in this life. Will you be mine for the rest of this life?[/blockquote]

  • You support me when I am about to fall you inspire me when I am about to be lost. You care for me when I feel all alone and you love me even when I am not the best. Love you Boy for all your love!!

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