Proposal Messages for Her

Proposal messages for her are those messages that are sent by a person to a girl to propose her for love relationship, marriage or for any other reasons. These messages must be framed using appropriate words so as to make the proposal effective. The messages can be sent through various mediums like greeting cards, social networking sites, SMS, mails and others.

Below given are some examples of these messages.

Sample Proposal Messages for Her

Proposal Messages for Her

  • You are not just a girl but an angel who has filled my life with love. Your touch has spread sparkle and brightness and now all I can see is a beautiful life and all with you. Will you be my love forever?

[notice noticeType=”approved” ]The one thing that I need for my survival is not your love, but your love is the only thing that I need for my survival. So love me for rest of my life by deciding to be my wedded wife. Will you marry me?[/notice]

  • The combination of your biggest heart and smallest ego, coolest temper and hottest body pulls me towards you every time I see you. You are the only one I wish to spend rest of my life with. Will you walk with me on the road of life?

[blockquote]You are the perfect girl in the world you are the one made for me on this earth. You are the one I adore from the bottom of my heart and you are the one I wish to stay forever. I love you girl do you feel the same?[/blockquote]

  • All the answers of my life lies with you which make you Google of my life, so Ms. Google would you like to be my wife.
  • We have been in love for quite a long time now it’s time I take one extra step and ask you, would you like to spend rest of your life with a man like me?

[notice noticeType=”info” ]Do not even think of leaving me because the time you may take to come back would be longer than forever. Your love is the only support I have in life and I really wish that you agree to become my lovely wife, will you marry me darling?[/notice]

  • Who would like to travel million miles to see you instead its better that I do not let you move out of my sight and the only way to do this is by making you my gorgeous wife. Will you marry me?

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