Relationship Proposal Messages

Relationship proposal messages are those messages that are sent by one person to other in order to propose them for a relationship. These messages can be drafted for proposing a person for various relationships like love, friendship, partners and others. The messages must be drafted using effective words so that the proposal is accepted by the receiver.

Some relationship proposal messages are given below for reference:

Sample Relationship Proposal Messages

  • Your presence makes me feel secure; your support makes me feel protected. Your care tickles my heart and your touch offers me a real strength. I am not sure about the emotions but I feel this is the beginning of a new relation. Will you become my boy?
  • It’s time to transform our friendship to love; it’s time for transforming parties to dates. It’s time to convert all the fights to late night talks and it’s time to hold your hand and ask would you be my valentine?

[notice noticeType=”approved” ]A good friend can bring happiness and joy a good friend can bring contentment and glee. In a friendship you can do anything you like in a friendship you can be whatever your heart desires. So it’s time I   get into that relationship, would you like to become my best buddy?[/notice]

[blockquote]Life is full of surprises and your love could be the biggest surprise for me. Would you like to spend the rest of your life with me by becoming my soul mate? I really love you girl.[/blockquote]

  • Love is the feeling that makes everything look different; love is the feelings that can make the entire world appear beautiful and enchanting. I have that feeling in my heart from past few days and its time I admit that this life has no meaning without you. Would you accept my love and become my girl friend.
  • No class seems lively without your presence; no party is fun until you join me in that party. Games and sports have no adventure till you are there to tickle the atmosphere. Be my buddy because life seems so dull without your presence.

[notice noticeType=”attention” ]You are my friend you are my true companion. You bring loads of fun and happiness and I can share anything with you. You guide me you support me, you protect me and you hold me up whenever I need you. That’s the true companionship that I have got in my relationship with you.[/notice]

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