Short Love Proposal Messages

Short love proposal messages are those messages that are sent by one person to another in order to propose him/her for a love relationship. These messages are short in nature and are full of emotional and loving words to leave a lasting impact on the receiver so that he/she accepts the proposal of the sender. SMS, mails, social networking and other mediums can be used to sen these short and loving messages.

Below given are some samples of these messages for your reference:

Sample Short Love Proposal Messages 

  • Defining love is not difficult when you have embodiment of love in front of you. For me you are love, you are life and I would really love to become your wife. Marry me boy?
  • Love is crazy love is blind love is stupid but it still binds. Love is touching love is driving love is exciting and love is enthralling. Please accept my love and walk with me on the journey of life.

[blockquote]The day I started looking best in you and started wishing best for you was the day I knew that I am in love. Do you also feel the same for me?[/blockquote]

  • Your touch can change the entire world around me; your smile can change the entire world around me. Your presence can drive me crazy; your fragrance can drive me crazy. In all these transformations and changes I just see three hidden words and those are ‘I love you”.
  • When you are around I feel like I am near a fireplace in winters. When you are around I feel like a soothing shade in a hot and dry day of summer. Your smile brings the cosiness of drizzling drops and your touch is the most tender thing I have ever experienced. Amongst all these lovely things I just wish to ask you “Would you like to become my partner for the rest of your life?
  • Your love is more intoxicating than an old wine your love is sweeter than a chocolate. Your love is cooling like a morning wind and your love is sparkling like the first rays of the sun. Darling would you like to live the rest of your life with me?

[notice noticeType=”alert” ]There is no light in my life without you my dear sunshine. So be mine and make me glitter all my life with the positiveness of happiness!!!![/notice]

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