Quotes for Empowerment

Words contain such a power which compelled the phases of history into what things were destined to be. Considering the power of words, we can put them in good use such as empowering those whose hopes have been drained in the current events. Be it friends, lovers, members in a family, or strangers it is necessary to fuel them with empowering messages to help them getting through to whatever phases in life they are in.

This article provides empowering quotes to help you and everyone inside and outside your social circle succeed despite the seemingly endless, relentless challenges that lie ahead. These quotes can be written in cards or uttered personally. If you  can sense that the person are seemingly hard to reach out then you may send these empowering messages via text messaging or private messaging in any social media sites.

  • After a sunset, a sunrise is always expected to follow. But before it rises, make sure you get something in your darkest hours and take them as lessons for these would fortify the core of your being.
  • It takes an awful storm for us to witness the beauty of rainbows.
  • The most ancient human mistake that has failed to evolve in the ageing of Time is the fear of dreaming big. The only thing scarier than dreaming big is settling with mediocrity.
  • In times of near defeat, somewhere deep in a person’s heart sprouts forth a courage you thought could never grow in you. And this courage, although new to you, will help you conquer that which can never be.
  •  Just because you’re not going to the path that most have taken it doesn’t mean you have gone astray. This only means you’re building a path of your own in the chase of your passion and dreams which you see as a faster route.
  • No matter the speed of a progress’s growth, progress is progress.
  • In our darkest days a candlelight is enough to cast the brightest illumination.
  • Superheroes are considered as such not because of their powers, it is rather because of how disciplined they are in using them, and even if a task is heavily cloaked with risks they try with all their might to save everyone from misery.
  • Let everyone laugh at your dreams, invest everything you have for it and see whose laugh they will be hearing once you achieve them.
  • Let go of your grudges for a hand holding a coal burns you with deeper degrees and by throwing it to another you may miss the shot and, if not, they only burn for some time.

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