Quotes to Motivate a Dying Flame

Motivational quotes are sent usually to those individuals whose confidence and faith in living has shaken which makes life not worthy to live any more. If one of your friends are close to suffering from depression then this article will be a sure-fire help to you so you may save them from succumbing to depression. Quotes are powerful enough to not only keep them floating from the waters of defeat but for them to not lose sight of their dreams and become determined more than ever.

Sample quotes are offered in this article for free because spreading a good vibration is what humanity aims and this article is more than willing to help those who are in dire need of help. Should you like to create your very own quotes for purposes of being unique, you may do that and perceive the sample messages you find below. The significance of tone should always be present in mind because using appropriate words and phrases will leave an inspiring impact in your friend’s life. These messages can be sent through the various social media sites, text messages, or through cards. Posting these sample quotes in the timeline of your social media accounts is highly recommended so that strangers or mutual friends will ¬†be able to read them.

  • The road may seem tough but never ever surrender to possible disappointments which are only imagined by futile part of one’s minds. Endure with courage and optimism, as most people worthy of recognition have, so that a bright¬†light of day may lighten your path in the journey ahead.


  • Let your loathing in life subside for there is so much to be grateful and work on things which inspires others to do the same. This storm that you are facing may never be weathered but only endured until the last rain drop.


  • Some things need only be learned and accepted especially those we cannot change as of the moment and, too, the amount of time we desire to accomplish a dream may not be enough. Failures naturally get in the way because there are times where we have to consider other paths and also to determine what was lacking in the first try.


  • Some people have the tendency to betray themselves for a shortcoming which they think is a pit that ends a series of successes. Let the flow of your mind change for this does not mark an end to a career nor to life itself. Instead of just giving up to everything you’ve worked hard for you to see the glory in failing.


  • A single defeat ever defines a person’s career for it takes a lot of defeat to mold the person into his best version.


  • Like pearls, the beauty in achieving our dreams takes effort and determination in the combat of time. Pearls are made by objects foreign to a clam’s system and yet the clam makes something so beautiful out of it in a matter of time. Take every opportunity and make them as materials into crafting your own jewels.

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