Best Retirement Messages for Favorite Teachers

Losing an employee who had chosen to commit his or her life in a company or in an industry which helped him or her grow both personally and professionally is a heartbreaking scene, but must happen hen someone reaches the age of retirement. Retirement messages are not limited to be composed only by a company or industry for these can also be crafted by those who are thankful for the good service to others like a student and teacher relationship.

If your teacher has come to a retirement age and you want to wish that teacher a the best of luck for the life ahead, then this article can benefit you by using these sample retirement messages as guidelines. You may use these messages as well for free or you may change some phrases, sentences, or words depending on how you would like your retirement message to be. A vital recipe of this type of message should be the tone which must have a mild melancholy or longing and a dominance in cheerful tone.

  • Hello, (name of the teacher), I am both sad and happy for you will be finally leaving the university by the end of the school year. Happy for you because you finally get to live a life of relaxation and serenity now which you are truly deserving of. I am deeply saddened by the fact that the younger generation will not be under your advisory for them to have an assurance of the best strategy in learning and in living. Our moments with the class will surely be remembered as long as I am alive.


  • Good morning, (name of the teacher), I have just been bombarded with the thought why good morning sounds a lot like good mourning. This good morning is indeed a good mourning for us who have favored you as the most effective adviser in this school. Now that you will be leaving the school we wish with all the best in this word and that they may come to you in a ceaseless series. Us students would like to express our sincere gratitude through this letter. Good bye and thank you so much.


  • Good day, (name of the teacher), let this day be a celebration of your famous deeds which are worth the recognition for everyone to acknowledge the qualities of an exemplary teacher. I am truly sad because we now have to part ways and this is a scene which is powerful enough that even the writers of our destinies cannot rewrite. Always know that you will always linger in my heart for the learning you have inculcated are impossible to forget. I will apply everything I have learned from you so that traces of you are manifested in my actions. Have a happy retirement. Love, (name of the student).


  • I would like to congratulate my favorite teacher for the commitment of your passion which had been practiced through out his (or her) lifetime. The path you have taken has been a very wonderful even though we only had glimpses of it, but I believe this is all what it takes to consider you as the best person in your field. Losing you in this school will be heartbreaking and we know, too, that you’ll be missing us despite the naughtiness of the whole class. May you take joy in your retirement and I hope that blissful life will be showered upon you and your family.


  • This message would be my souvenir to you, (name of the teacher), everyone’s most adored teacher. I am happiest for being a part of your students in your teaching career for I have strive harder in life when I was in the brink of giving up on my studies. You have helped me weathered my storms just for me to witness the coming rainbows. With you I was able to sehands-981400_640e more than a million version of rainbows and I’m thankful for that. May your retirement be filled with rainbows as well. Farewell, dearest teacher.


  • (Name of the teacher), I am not really the emotional type and have become unfamiliar to what it’s like to be sorrowful, but when it was announced that this will be your final semester in the field of teaching I was shocked with the pang in my heart. Tears have welled in my eyes unwelcome for this means that this is the final semester that I will be seeing the teacher worth every bit of my admiration. I understand the inevitability of such circumstance, I can only hope that you will be happy in your retirement life because knowing that your happy will soothe the hurting in my heart. Have a good life and farewell.


  • A saying that goes “may everyone find the good in good byes for there is always good even in the gravest of situations.” is all I can think now that you will be parting ways with the university and its students. I will only find the good in this good bye of ours if I know that you are living life to the fullest in your retirement age. Rest assured that all you had taught me will never be a waste for I am putting them into action in a daily basis. I have a favor to ask of you and that favor is that may your juvenile smile never leave your face. Farewell and godspeed.


  • “What are the odds in losing the greatest asset in the teaching industry?” this I asked myself for there are so many things that I wish the next generation of students to see your brilliance and for them to see the million reasons why education is not boring at all. Having all that said, it is obvious that I am currently wallowing in the thick mud of grief because of the good bye I want to refuse to bid you. Although I am greatly saddened for such a scene, I am happy that you will no longer be stressed out by school matters. May you achieve what you have desired most which is to travel the world now that you have all the time in the world to do so.

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