Formal Retirement Messages for Employees

Letting go of an employee that has been considered family can definitely break hearts, especially if said employee has contributed a lot to the company for a long period of time. You may even develop a risk of separation anxiety. A torrent of worry will strike you hard. You will begin to wonder who would be replacing his or her stead. Each employee is vital, yet you don’t need to sweat it because of worry.

You have to understand that the employee has served the company well for years. It is now time to accept that he/she must retire from duty and focus on other aspects of life. As the employee has contributed to your company during his/her stay, you need to show your support for their next chapter in life.

You can do this by writing messages dedicated to the retiring employee. Keep in mind to maintain formality weaved with sincerity and best of wishes in your messages.

If you’re having trouble writing those messages, check out our suggestions below:


  • We have considered you as part of this company’s family and we surely hope that we are your second family. You have grown fond of everyone and people here will surely miss you. I hope your growth as a professional has been massive and we could only wish you have not aged this fast so that bidding our goodbyes will be delayed, but there’s nothing that we can do about it now. You have my best wishes and may your family be blessed with prosperity.I can’t imagine the future of this company without you here.


  • We have been so fortunate you started working here. Your hard work has contributed a lot to the company; we flourished to a position we thought was close to impossible. We would really like to still keep you, but we announce our deepest regret that we will not be able to do that. You will have a special place in the company’s heart and our doors are always open should you wish to visit.


  • Goodbyes should be not be sorrowful; there’s a reason why “good” is included in the term. Now that you are free from a lot of work stress, enjoy the lifestyle that you have always adored to the fullest. We wish you with best of everything in whatever you do.


  • The company’s heart breaks knowing that you will be working with us today for the last time and so do the hearts of employees and employers here. We ask you to do your best in each task for us today as a display of your personal and professional growth in this company to inspire those who dream to acquire your current position.


  • To everyone’s common friend in the company, we take pride in having you here for you have been one of the company’s greatest asset. Seek the sweetest in living now that you have reached your retirement age. You have our best wishes.


  • We are very sad to see you leave, but we are happy that you will be relishing the sweet pleasures of living. You will be greatly missed here, and may you continue to dream despite reaching the retirement age.

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