Funny Retirement Card Messages

Retiring from work is always an occasion of bittersweet emotions where one side is the excitement of starting a new chapter in life and on the other side is the sadness of ending one. Retirement is generally an emotional occasion but to make the occasion light and fun, one can frame funny retirement card messages. Such messages are sent by a person to another person who is retiring and are meant to wish him/her good luck for the future but in a funny or humorous way.

The following are some of the samples of funny retirement card messages which can be referred to for getting an idea of framing such messages.

Sample Funny Retirement Card Messages

[notice noticeType=”attention” ]As you retire from work, you can finally come back to your family who hasn’t seen your face properly for about 25 years. Welcome back to life and also to your wife. Happy Retirement dear husband and hope you have a splendid future ahead.[/notice]

  • Many say that retirement is tearful and sad, but I say that retirement day should be the happiest day of one’s life as he/she can finally breathe freely and live a life full of fun and adventures. Happy retirement to my best friend and brother.

[blockquote]On this day of retirement, when you are leaving work, I would like to tell you that the office will finally be a place of peace and quiet. You were the soul of this office and now that you are going, this place will be dead. But we aren’t complaining! Have a happy retirement and a lovely life ahead.[/blockquote]

  • When one reaches the age of retirement, he/she should start planning the rest of his/her life and include all the fun activities in it. So please relax, stop worrying about work and future and just enjoy your life.
  • As your wife, I have had the hardest time all the years that you have been employed. Now I can finally breathe a sigh of relief as this period of misery ends, but only for me! Just kidding, here’s wishing you a very happy future ahead and a good retirement day.
  • Saying goodbye has never been more difficult for me as my best friend and the most wonderful colleague is retiring from work. But I am also happy because now I can finally concentrate on work and make a living for myself too.

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