Funny Retirement Farewell Messages

Bidding good bye can never be a pleasing task; but sad faces before you leave make things even more difficult. Thus, short, crisp and funny retirement farewell messages add a glimpse of frolic and thoughtful memoir for the recipient.

Here are a good collection of such messages that not only makes the heart wrenching moment light and frisky but also conveys an affectionate and impersonal touch.

Sample Funny Retirement Farewell Messages

  • Oh my, who will now order 10 cups coffee a day; the coffee shop will run at loss post your retirement. However, bidding good bye is a norm; keep checking the photos of our ‘coffee sessions’ here!
  • Farewell my friend, it’s your retirement day and I feel like my heart is being dissected into two parts. Miss me or else I will play all those pranks on you that you taught me these years!
  • Oh maam, who will give us, tips on “hubby training”?? This is just not fair that you’re leaving us deprived of your valuable tips. However, we bid you farewell with a heavy heart on your retirement. May the coming days be full of happiness and peace!
  • Farewell my friend, since years we shared the choicest secrets and the smoke in the air. Will miss you during the fag breaks! Hope your retirement does not make you old enough to forget me.
  • In the last innings you got to hit the ball hard; don’t miss the office we know you always hated it. But don’t hate us; we will visit you more often than ever! Greetings for retirement..
  • Red T-shirts, touring Hawaii, water sports and camping in wilderness – we will teach you all the nuisances of life. Bid farewell to your office and welcome to our group! Happy retired life!
  • Dad, your retirement means mom is going to get more reasons to fight all day. Why don’t we plan back to back trips and roam the world? Farewell to your hectic days, it’s time to retire and be with us!
  • How lucky are you to get relieved from this horrid boss! We will miss you but your retirement days will surely be a better option that this everyday comedy circus! Farewell and happy retired life!
  • Since you are the first mate to retire, it’s your duty to set up all the recreational activities until we join you very shortly. Farewell dear, May the retired life be healthy, happy and satisfying!

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