Greeting Card Messages For Retirement

Whenever a person takes a retirement from a job, a duty or any other position, then the best way to wish him/her good luck for the future and best wishes is by writing a message.  A message for retirement can be sent by many ways and one such way is by writing it in a  greeting card.  A greeting card message for retirement is a message which expresses the sender’s thoughts on the recipient’s retirement and must be kept brief. For your reference, a few examples of greeting card messages for retirement are given below.

Sample Greeting Card Messages For Retirement

  • In all these years that I have known you as my fellow colleague, I have felt a certain level of respect for you. Your hardworking abilities and skills are commendable and not having you in the same office from now onwards will hurt. Nevertheless, wish you good luck for your retirement years.
  • Finally, you can bid goodbye to a life of hardwork and deadlines and say hello to a tension free life full of dreams to fulfil and days to enjoy! Happy retirement and hope you have the best time in life from now onwards.
  • For some retirement is a painful process but I know you are happy getting retired from a dull and boring life. Now you can enjoy with your family and travel the world! Good luck!
  • Here’s wishing a lovely retired life to the most hardworking man that I know. Your years of hardwork have finally come to a sweet end. Hope you don’t miss work and enjoy your next phase of life.
  • Your wife must be very happy that you have finally chosen to bow down of work and give her your time.  Hope you both have great years ahead and enjoy seeing your grandchildren grow!
  • Retirement is both a bitter and a sweet experience. Bitter because however we may hate our work, we tend to miss it and sweet because finally we get free of our duties. Hope you enjoy both these sides of retirement and make the most of years of follow.
  • Life after work is a superb experience for people like you who have so many things left on the bucket list. Hope you fulfil all your dreams and travel to all places that you have been saving for all these years. Happy retirement.
  • Happy retirement to you Boss. May you have a good life ahead.

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