Retirement Card Messages for Mom

Mothers are magicians who handle home, children, outdoors, office and all other duties single handed. A retirement day is thus invariable, when she chooses a life to take rest from all the worldly duties. Retirement card messages for moms should be made with gentle words that touch her heart and make her feel special and precious; it should motivate her to live a healthy and optimistic life even after retirement and also mention how important she had been to her organization. Here are some lovable messages for moms on the event of their retirement –

  • I’m so happy mom, finally you will spend the whole day with us. I know you will miss office too but don’t worry I will pile on my assignments to keep you busy. Just joking…happy retirement mom!
  • Brother has brought a cute and smart sis in law for me who will now take in charge of all your responsibilities. Thus, it’s time for retirement and too many vacations ahead! Happy retirement mom!
  • The school staff and children must be really down to see you retire as you have always been their lovable geography teacher! But, now it’s time for you to relax and give yourself the best of everything that you missed so long. Happy retirement mom!
  • All of us and also this home were eagerly waiting for this day when you will be all us and your office won’t come anywhere near. Finally it’s here…happy retired life mom!
  • Mom, as you retire today we wish you with all the lovable things that you rightly deserve – long tours to picturesque lands, spiritual associations, enjoyment with your friends and many more. Happy retirement!
  • Retirement does not mean you are old, my mom is as charming and beautiful as she was 20 years back and now it’s time for us to pamper you with unlimited happiness and fun. Happy retirement mom!
  • Starting from the morning till night, I saw you running and managing all the jobs indoor and outdoor. Today, I officially declare you to retire from all household works and live a life only for yourself. We will manage everything – trust us. Happy retirement mom!
  • My world seems blank without you and the news of your retirement is just the best birthday gift I could have! Happy retirement mom, please come over and stay with me from now on!
  • Our hearty wishes on your retirement day mom! May this life be just what you wanted for yourself – divine, peaceful and healthy!

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