Retirement Greetings Messages

Retirement greeting messages are the messages that are sent to greet a person on his retirement. These messages must be written is a respectful manner to honour the person on his retirement.

The messages are framed and sent to bid farewell to the retired people. The tone of these messages is polite and is written with the feelings of love, care and respect.

Sample Retirement Greetings Messages

[blockquote]Retirement is never a full stop to your life. It marks a new phase of your life. Enjoy the wealth and health during this time and celebrate it with your children and wife. Happy retirement life.[/blockquote]

  • No one can ever replace a co-worker like you. On your retirement, we are sure going to miss you. We are messaging to say that May you experience the best of your days and your retirement life greets you with a good health on your way. Happy retirement life.
  • [notice noticeType=”attention” ]We are messaging to wish you a healthy, cheerful and fun filled retirement. May you mark the beautiful moments. Have a blessed life and celebrate it with a sweet voice.[/notice]
  • You have surely worked hard to grab this “retiree ring”. Now you have finally achieved it. Have a happy retirement life ahead and throw away all those tension threads.

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