Retirement Invitation Messages

Retirement is the time which everybody wants to celebrate, as a stressful work life comes to an end while a new beginning is awaiting.

Below are few Retirement invitation messages which express the happiness of retirement on the invitation itself.

Sample Retirement Invitation Messages:

  • We invite you to join us in the celebration of the retirement of ______ [name]. I hope that you’ll come and bless him with your good wishes.
  • Please join us for a surprise retirement celebration honouring _______ [Name of the person]. We will be celebrating the coming forever holiday and coming good times for her.
  • I’ll enjoy waking up and not going for work. I am planning to do it three four times a day. I am inviting you to be a part of this celebration on _____ [date], at _______ [venue]. I am celebrating my retirement.
  • Retirement is a beginning of an entirely new life where you start enjoying household chores instead of the outside activities. We request you to be there with us on the beginning of this new life of _______ [name].
  • We are celebrating the arrival of a new beginning in the chapter of life for ______ [name]. We want you to a part of this celebration and we all will welcome this new phase in ____’s life.



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