Retirement Messages Examples

Everyone who is employed has to face retirement at some point. At the time of retirement, people choose to greet each other with good wishes and happy future for the retired lives.

This can be done with the help of exchange of messages that are called as retirement messages examples. Such messages can be used by anyone and can be customized according to the situation.

Sample Retirement Messages Examples

[blockquote]As your have always wished for a long and satisfying results in your works, we wish that you experience a long and a satisfying retirement life. It is time to loosen your belts and relax. Happy retirement life.[/blockquote]

  • Your presence would be sorely missed by all of us. You are one of a kind person and of course irreplaceable. Have a calm and peaceful retirement life.
  • [notice noticeType=”info” ]After 40 years of meritorious services in our organization, we don’t want to miss an opportunity to congratulate you on your well deserved and respectable retirement. Have a great time ahead with your children and family members.[/notice]
  • In the sincerest of our attitude, we wish you a happy retirement life. You were a great person to work with.  You have set an example for all our future employees who will cherish your successful projects and works. Have a happy retirement life.

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