Retirement Messages For Colleagues

Retirement is marked by the time when a person ends his employment tenure permanently. At the time of retirement, people send messages and quotes to wish a person for his or her happy retirement life.

Retirement messages for colleagues are such messages that are sent to your colleagues who are retiring from their job. These are the respectable messages that express your gratitude for the person who is retiring.

Such messages are sent to your colleagues to make them realise of their importance and presence during the employment period. The messages are sent to wish a colleague good luck for his retirement life.

Sample Retirement Messages for Colleagues

[blockquote]Dear Peter, your presence was always a blend of fun, laughter, inspiration and motivation. On your retirement, I wish that you have a great future. I wish you for your good health, may you have a wonderful future filled with moments of cheer. Happy retirement life.[/blockquote]

[blockquote]Bidding adieu to such a lovely and caring colleague is surely painful. I am messaging you to send my good wishes for your retirement life that is surely going to be wonderful. Have a happy retirement life, sit back and relax all through your life.[/blockquote]

  • [notice noticeType=”attention” ]You were a best colleague I have ever met till date. You have surely set a vision for us to follow on our way. On your retirement, let me tell you that we all are going to miss you always. Have a healthy retirement life.[/notice]
  • You have surely set milestones with your works and projects. Your spirit and energy to proceed will always motivate us to move ahead. Not just a colleague, you were a true mentor; we wish you good luck for a happy future. Happy retirement life.
  • As you have finally taken a decision to retire from your job, we are messaging to let you know that you will be forever missed. You were the best colleague in the whole department. With you I have surely marked beautiful moments. I wish you for your happy retirement.
  • [notice noticeType=”info” ]Your hard works is surely going to pay you with a very happy retirement life. May your life greet you with wonderful surprise. I want to tell you that you were not just a colleague to me but a true mentor to be. Have a blessed retirement life.[/notice]
  • Your retirement life is surely going to pay you beautiful surprise. I wish that I always work with such caring, helping and supportive colleagues, have a happy retirement life.

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