Retirement Messages for Coworker

Retirement messages for coworkers are the messages which are written by a person to wish his coworker on the event of his/her retirement. These messages may be used to congratulate the coworker or to wish him/her good luck for the future but must be written with heartfelt feelings and emotions. Retirement messages for coworker must not be too lengthy and should be kept precise. You can go through the following given samples of retirement messages for coworker in case you are confused about writing one.

Sample Retirement messages for coworker

  • Dear Bill, on the occasion of your retirement from work, I wish to tell you that I have spent the best years of my career with you and will really miss you a lot. Congratulations for your retirement and all the best for your future.
  • I have learnt so much from working with you and you have helped me a great deal during my early years in this office. But now that you are retiring, your presence shall be missed by the entire office. Don’t forget us and keep in touch.
  • Your retirement comes as sad news for me because I really enjoyed working with you in office. Good luck for the future.

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