Retirement Messages for Secretaries

Retirement messages for secretaries are the messages which are written by a person to his/her secretary in order to wish him/her on the occasion of retirement from work.

Such messages may be used to wish all the best to the secretary or to simply convey the fact that the secretary shall be missed by the sender of the messages.

If you have any confusion regarding framing such a message, then you can refer to the following given samples of retirement messages for secretaries:

Sample Retirement Messages for Secretaries

[blockquote]Without your help, intelligence and hardwork, I wouldn’t have been able to do so many tasks in the office. It would be difficult to find such an efficient replacement after you retire. But I wish to wish you good luck for your future as a great homemaker.[/blockquote]

  • May you be blessed by god for all your retirement years and may you lead a happy and satisfied life after leaving from here. You shall be missed.
  • [notice noticeType=”attention” ]Everyone in the office will really miss you. Your retirement comes as sad news for everyone and especially for me since you have been like my right hand for a long period of time. All the best![/notice]

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