Retirement Messages that Tattoos in People’s Hearts

Retirement messages composed in dedication to people who will be retiring soon from their work and to remind them about the friendship that had been forged in an endless-sighing, stressful activities in a workplace. If a friend of yours happens to be retiring soon and you want to make sure that he gets this type of sincere message, then we can certainly assist you with getting the job done in no time at all.

Below are sample messages of retirement message that tattoos in people’s hearts reminding them one of the greatest times they had when they were still a work buddy. These messages can be used anytime without any cost, or if you feel like changing some words in phrases you may certainly do that if you see the need in doing such action. We would like to suggest that you write this type of message in a card since there are complications in text messages or social media accounts that may delete these messages, and since the purpose of this message is to be kept in the reader’s hearts. In rephrasing and in rewording, you might be very wary about your choices of words to set the perfect tone. The tone should be sincere, friendly, congratulating, and you may add a mild humor depending on the grounds of your friendship.

  • I think it is apt to greet you a good day for this is, indeed, a very good day to you. This will be your last day and I would like to enjoy it to the fullest while your last hours in this hellish company is coming to an end. I will be missing you here a lot for, especially that I will be losing my work best friend and that there is no one around to judge people in secret with me. May your retirement be filled with contentment and extra joy on top of it. Have a good day, buddy.


  • I am lost at thoughts imagining how a relieved the company is now that you are leaving the company today. Just kidding! I am a bit saddened about this retirement of yours for the sole selfish thought that I can no longer savor your wretched facial features when I have gotten used to it as part of my daily routine. Although I am little pained by this thought, I am still happy for your time in hell has come to an end and obviously a little envious about this reason. I will be visiting you some time when flirted with chance over teas or coffees so we can discuss what a lovely life it is you will be leading.


  • I have been a loyal to my God and my faith has never wavered for I have followed all the teachings that the bible has imparted but there is this deadly sin which I can’t help. I am extremely envious about this retirement for you can invest more time in your dreams that are yet to come true for you are now free to do anything you want! If there is anything you would like to invite me for feel free to reach me out, just inform me two weeks ahead of the event so that I may adjust my schedule and, if possible, may take a vacation leave. Cheers to your new lifestyle and may you have a happy retirement.


  • The day for your merriment has finally come and I hope your heart is ready to welcome such extreme joy. Happy retirement! The office would no longer be crowded by the nonsensical noise that escapes from your mouth on a daily basis and that everyone here will be able to work productively, thanks to your retirement. Although we look forward to the coming days of the company, we will truly miss all of your crazy acts you put up that never gets old. May your retirement be filled with fun and dreams that you have yet to discover and realize. Goodbye.


  • I believe in such a thing that lingers forever in the hearts even in the absence of its apparition. You are one one these apparitions that I choose to weave in the fibers of my heart for I have been happy with all the works you have done both in your profession and as an individual. We had carried only little conversations, and yet you have created an impact to me which I thought was never possible. You have inspired me to become a better version of myself and that failures make the better person out of you if perceived in the eyes of optimism and determination. I am very happy that you will be leaving this company by showing us to commit to this profession lest we antagonize ourselves. I wish your retirement will be filled with only with merriment.


  • Is there a pain reliever that relieves a petty pain in the chest which takes weeks and weeks of recovery if it enters the reverie unwelcomed? The pain that farewells bring is not a joke for you will truly miss a person even though he or she is still present. Today is your last day here in the company and I can’t be productive from overthinking about the company’s future without you in it. You have been my best buddy here and it saddens me to think you will be retiring, although I, too, am happy that you finally get to chase the joys in life you have been dying to pursue. My only wish for you is that you will be contented. Please keep your lines open so I can still reach you out from time to time. Happy retirement.


  • There is a feeling of missing a person who is still present knowing that days of being with you together is imminent. I wish to write you this retirement message as a farewell message so that you will know that I value the times from the past that I cherish. Your image will always be present in my mind and heart for you have shown me the true value of committing to work and to the things we are passionate about for there is something present in them which makes you lust for living. The things I have learned from you will live with me and people will see traces of you in me so that they will know what a living legend are you. Find joy in your retirement for I look forward to seeing you happy in the life you choose.


  •  Thinking about your retirement makes me look forward about mine, although I still need to wait for another five years for mine. You are not only a co-worker to me, for you also have been my buddy in the ups and downs of my life. There is a feeling in me I wish I could put into words about the mixing emotions about your retirement. I am both saddened and happy with this without a definite reason, but I know that you get me for you are familiar with the feelings of farewells. I hope that you will be patient enough to wait for five years so that in my retirement we  can enjoy the things we used to enjoy without being troubled about the thought of working anymore. That is the only day that I look forward for now. Cheers to a happy life.


  • I am a little nervous to find out what my professional life would be now that you are leaving too soon. I am greatly saddened for your retirement, although I am eternally grateful for being a true friend and supremely honored for being a part of my circle in the professional life. You have imparted something in me which I will always carry because it reminds me of your greatness and that others should see it and learn from it. I think I will recover from your leave so there is no need for you to worry much for you can reach me anytime in the various social media we are connected should you need something for me. May you continue to live a virtuous life in your retirement.
  • My mind have wondered through the endless possibilities of what to do’s should I reach the time of my retirement. I hope you’d planned ahead on time as to what you are going to do now that you are jobless hiding a fortune in your bank account. If you want my suggestions and recommendations of your retirement activities then reach me out via social networking sites for there is a list of them that will not fit in this card. You should know that I’m handing you this message for you are one of my favorite demons in this hell and what better way to please you than leave a message from the only angel in this company. May your dreams come true and your retirement be driven with countless hopes and blessings.


  • The inevitable reaping has dawned upon us and you are fortunate to be chosen this year as a retired person. I want to express how it feels like working with you through this letter because you deserve to know how honorable it is. Your wisdom echoes in this office which makes forgetting you here is an impossible task. Not only are you the greatest when it comes to work but also your personality outside matters of work. I have acknowledged this experience for I aspire to become like your or better than you, although it’s tough road that I will be taking. I have grown personally and professionally by working with you. I want to thank you and wish you a happy retirement life ahead.


  • I can only imagine what a wonderful future the company holds considering you leave for good here. As your loyal and most faithful work best friend I will not hold my tears back in front of everyone and shamelessly cry in front of them without an end, not unless the nee, hot chick in the center aisle comforts me in her embrace which I think is warm. I will be paying you a visit from time to time for updates if you’re still alive or not, but I hope you die soon because I hate visits. Kidding. Live a healthy and long life, my work best friend, and continue to prosper even if there is no room for prosperity.


  • My heart is becoming irrational from crying over your inevitable retirement. I have comforted it but the hurt just keeps becoming worse every minute. I hope we have more time to spend around in the office for missing you will come in a heartbreak of event. I hope you continue to ace in the new routine of your retirement life. My heart will recover fast if it knows that you are happy in your retirement life, so please do me the biggest favor and continue to be happy, okay? Have a happy retirement.


  • I usually send farewell letters to people who have helped me develop myself positively. If you are reading this letter then you can consider yourself as the luckiest person who I naturally adore due to skills, talent, attitude and, above all, personality. There is something in you which I am more than honored for bearing witness of this which I am still fumbling for words, although I am certain about where this kind of path takes you to. Thank you so much for inspiring me to become better in my tasks. I hope you find the happiness that you deserve in your retirement life. Cheers and enjoy.


  • Missing you will be a momentary routine that I will be developing for a maximum time of six months. I wish your retirement isn’t this soon so we could have more time in messing around our work tables and be scolded by the our supervisors but still overwhelm them with the results of our projects for we always excel in them. I am so going to miss all the good stuff and the troubles we’ve been through, I can only replay them in my mind now and laugh in silence about them. May your retirement life be as good as you have convinced yourself it would be.

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