Retirement Miss You Messages

Retirement messages are sent to honour a person on his retirement day and to make him realise that he was a valuable member of the organisation.

Retirement miss you messages are the messages that are written with a deep respect for a retiring person to let him know that he will be missed.

The messages are framed and sent out of love and care for the person.

 Sample Retirement Miss You Messages

[blockquote]Congratulation! You have finally reached up to your retirement life. After 40 years of your meritorious service, you will be deeply missed. Please stay in contact and have a happy life ahead.[/blockquote]

  • In sincerest gratitude of your guidance, support and hard work, we wish you a happy retirement life ahead. Your guidance, presence and aura would be sorely missed by all of us. Happy retirement days.
  • [notice noticeType=”info” ]We all will miss you! Your earnings have finally got you this blessing. Have a happy retirement life and now is the time to devote to your children and wife.[/notice]
  • You have really set an example for all of us and for all the future employees who will work with us. Your happiness and the presence is what we will always miss. All the best for your retirement life which you have achieved.

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