Retirement Wishes Messages

Retirement wishes messages are the messages that are sent to wish a person on his retirement. These messages must be framed in a respectful manner and are sent at the time of the retirement of a person.

The messages are sent to wish a person a very happy retirement life. Such messages must be framed in a polite manner.

Sample Retirement Wishes Messages

[blockquote]You have dedicatedly spent your years working with us. You were never behind in any contributions and winning that rat race. Now it is your retirement and you are a teen again. Have a blessed life ahead.[/blockquote]

  • As you are stepping in to the next phase of your life, enjoy everything that brings you pleasure and fun. Now is the time to unite with family and live as one. Happy retirement life and have blessed days ahead.
  • [notice noticeType=”info” ]Now you are your own time clock! Live everyday to the fullest and love your family to the deepest. Happy retirement days to you.[/notice]
  • You have finally reached up to the retirement finishing line. Now you won’t have to work late till nine. Enjoy your life with friends and family and keep that shine. Have a happy retirement life. 

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