Funny Romantic Messages for Her

Funny romantic messages for her are the messages which are written by a boy to a girl so as to express a feeling of romance and love and that too in a very funny or humorous manner.

These messages are used to convey romantic thoughts and feelings and must not be very lengthy in nature. If you are confused about writing funny romantic messages for her, then you can take help of the following given samples of the same.

Sample Funny Romantic Messages for Her

[blockquote]Life has given me such an irritating girlfriend who loves to tease me but life has given my girlfriend a gift of a boyfriend. I know you wish to say thanks to me but don’t worry about it. I already know that you love me.[/blockquote]

  • You are stupid at times and are clumsy all the other times. But still I love you so much and can’t imagine myself living without tolerating your stupidities. I shall be there for you always.
  • [notice noticeType=”attention” ]I love my slightly weird and clumsy girlfriend and cannot live without her.[/notice]
  • You have mixed love and care and given it to me. Thanks sweetheart and please don’t mind my funny jokes on you.

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