Funny Romantic Quotes for Him

Romantic quotes and messages are exchanged between the couples and the lovers to shower their immense feelings of love and passion on each other. Sometimes, funny and humorous love quotes can also be sent to your partners.

These quotes when are particularly sent to the male readers such as to your boyfriends, husband, fiancé and others in a funny manner, are called as funny romantic quotes for him. These quotes are humorous in nature and convey the passionate love of the sender at the same time.

Sample Funny Romantic Quotes for Him

[notice noticeType=”approved” ]Dearest boyfriend since life is too short to live in; I have a suggestion for you. Kiss as much as you can, be with me more and more hug me as tight as you can and make me feel happy and glad. Just kidding, I love you![/notice]

  • One day I was sitting down and I caught myself for smiling for no reason.  I thought deeply and I realised that I wasn’t smiling but I was laughing on the way you kiss me. Just kidding, I am thinking about you. I love you.
  • Well, I don’t care if you still talk absolutely rubbish or sometimes when you just don’t talk about anything. The main point is that I just want to talk to you. I love you.
  • The day I got married to you was the best joke of my life. Friends and people around me got a reason to make fun of me. Just kidding, I love you will all my heart and I promise that I will never go far. I love you.
  • Hey boyfriend, if you were not present here with me, I am sure that I would then be called as a hottest person here. Just kidding, I wanted to make you feel happy. I love you and I will spend my life with you.

[blockquote] You know that you are the world’s most stupid and an idiot person. But the fact is that I still love you the most and I will marry you in the days that are yet to come.[/blockquote]

  • If you look cute, you can happily call me as your baby. If you are nice at your heart, you can call me as your sweetie. But if you look really hot, I am ready to come to you tonight. Just kidding, I love you a lot!

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