Romantic Card Messages for Her

Romantic card messages for her are the love messages for the lady of one’s life. It could be the girl friend, ex-girlfriend or wife. Send beautiful messages and make the loving people, feel happy and excited.

Romantic messages are still one of the most powerful medium of expressing the feelings for the loved ones. These messages can be written on an e-card or a handmade card. Let the love of your life smile with ecstasy after seeing the romantic card message. Some samples of romantic card messages for her are given below for reference.

Romantic Card Messages for Her

Sample Romantic Card Messages for Her

[blockquote]Your love makes me smile; your love makes me cry. Your love pulls me down then gives wings to fly. Your love makes me sad your love makes me happy; your love makes me gloomy and your love makes me bumpy. Love you darling for everything you have been doing for me![/blockquote]

  • You are the reason behind all my joys and smiles and you have been tolerating me all this while. Love you Sweetheart!
  • You can ease up all my pains and sorrows; you are the one who inspires me to look for a beautiful tomorrow. Your love brings me unlimited happiness and you always inspire me strive hard for triumph and success. Love you Darling for everything you have been doing for me.

[notice noticeType=”approved” ]The only wish I have is to hold your arm and walk on the lanes of life, the only wish I have is to spend my life with you as my wedded wife. The only wish I have is to keep you happy and the only wish I have is to be with you always and forever. Love you Love![/notice]

  • Hold my hand and hug me tight, be with me till everything is alright. I am yours and you are mine, rest of the things has got to be fine. Love you!
  • With all my love and all my might, I love you amongst all those fights. You are my love you are my life, you are my ambition and you are my aspiration. Love me forever!

[notice noticeType=”approved” ]Our love is the luckiest thing that has ever happened to me and our togetherness is the best gift God has ever granted me. You are the best lover in this entire world and I am really proud to have you in my life.[/notice]

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