Romantic Christmas Messages

Festivals and celebrations are occasions to be romantic.  A romantic Christmas message between lovers, spouses, or betrothed’s are sure to double the joy of celebration.

It is heavenly to celebrate the joy of the birth of Christ with one’s loved one.

Sample Romantic Christmas Messages

  • Wish you a merry Christmas my dear.  Your presence will make this Christmas day special for me.
  • Each nativity scene I come across this Christmas season reminds me of our love, my dear John, and the lovely family we are going to have.
  • Looking forward to Christmas to see you at church, dressed in your best.  Thoughts of your loving, peaceful face remind me of the spirit of Christmas.
  • Cribs and trees and Santas abound, everywhere the spirit so merry.  But without you I don’t feel sound, my heart does feel ever so dreary.
  • As the church bells peal heralding the birth of the King, I think of you and spending Christmas with you.
  • May the spirit of Christmas (love, joy, peace, sharing and caring) be born in both of us today and increase as our bonding grows.
  • Santa asked me what I want for Christmas; I told him I want my beloved to be with me for ever.
  • May our love be eternal, pure, true, never doubting, trustful, as we celebrate this Christmas day.
  • Peace, joy, and love is what your presence reminds me of.  What can I ask for more than a Christmas spent with you.
  • May the good Lord Jesus strengthen our love on this His birthday. Hope we can have a lovely day together today with our little ones.

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