Romantic Flirt SMS Messages

Romantic Flirt SMS messages are the impish messages send to the most special person of one’s life. These messages are meant to convey the feelings of love mixed with some playful words to tickle the heart of the loved ones. These messages could be for the girl friend, boy friend, husband and wife.

These messages can ignite the love between the couples and these can be actually sent on any random days as well. The Romantic flirt messages are sure to tickle the heart of your love. Select the most appropriate words and pick the cheesy tone to create perfect romantic message.

Sample Romantic Flirt SMS messages

  • The love we share is so unique and wonderful; the bonding we share is so true and meaningful. The care we show is so factual and beautiful and the life we have together is truly bountiful. Love you sweetheart!!
  • I love you because our love story is just between me and you.
  • Your eyes are the deep ocean I would love to dive in, your sweet voice is the chirping sound I would love to hear every day. Your smile is the brightening sunbath I would love to take each day and your love is the only thing every day, I really pray. May our love last till the end of this world!!
  • My heart has been guiding me all through my life and it finally led me to you, and then I found the most beautiful Girl to whom I would every day say “I love you”.
  • You are the rose of my life that I would nurture with the water of my love, manure of my care and sunshine of my hugs. Love You Girl!!
  • Since you came into my life I really envy time. Because each passing day makes me realize that one life is too short to love a wonderful man like you. Love you Sweetheart!!
  • I am a human being and thus I really cannot guarantee that I would never get angry with you, but one thing that I can promise is that even if I get angry I would never leave you alone and would continue to love you endlessly.
  • The silence between us conveys the most beautiful words some times and the way we care for each other’s feelings and habits will never let us stay apart. Love you sweetheart.
  • You are the apple of my eyes because my eyes do not see anything more beautiful than you in this entire world.

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