Romantic Flirty Text Messages for Her

Romantic flirty text messages for her are messages sent by a man to a woman, with whom he wants to be in a relationship. The content and context of these text messages may vary slightly depending on whether the woman in question is a wife, girlfriend, fiancée, an ex-girlfriend, just an acquaintance, or even a stranger for that matter. These text messages become a medium for the man to express his feelings to the woman mostly in order to get a response as a way forward to the relationship’s future.

Sample Romantic Flirty text messages to her

  • If life is a journey then you are my destination. There has never been and never will be a woman for me apart from you. Please do not leave me and always love me because I love you from the bottom of my heart.
  • There is no forgetting ever of the moments we have spent together. Every single moment of those was like an eternity. Life has never been the same since you left and I want nothing more from life than you coming back into my arms again.
  • Are you hot or is it just the weather. I simply cannot take the heat anymore!
  • I really miss those days of passionate thunder that used to create sparks even in our surroundings. Don’t you also miss them? Please come back dear!
  • Yesterday I went to a fortune-teller and he told me that I will get the love of my life soon as soon as I land in a foreign country. And don’t get me wrong but you are the one upon whom my eyes rested as soon as I landed here. I simply cannot stop thinking about you. Can we meet for a cup of coffee?
  • Life’s worthless since you left me and I truly regret the day you left leaving me in the lurch. Every passing day just keeps exacerbating that pain, and I want it to end. Please come back to me or this is the last one that you will ever hear from me dear.
  • Ever since I have thought of having a life partner, I have had a certain image of her. And you believe it or not but you fit into that image precisely and accurately. Ever since I saw you, I have heard just one voice from my heart and that is ‘Get Her’!
  • Roses are red and water is blue, you love me and I love you!
  • Life has stopped being the fantastic vacation it was when I was with you. Please return into my arms!

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