Romantic Good Morning Short Messages

Romantic good morning short messages are those messages which are used by a person while wishing his/her romantic partner good morning.  As the name suggests these messages are short and must convey the wish as briefly as possible. The individual writing them has to be concise and should express romance at the same time. A few examples are given below.

Sample Romantic Good Morning Short Messages:

  • Good morning to the love of my life, the bearer of my heart, the counterpart of my soul and the one who makes my world a whole!
  • To my dear wife, please wake up the world of my love awaits your presence. Good morning baby, with love- yours and only yours, David.
  • There is no one I would want to share my life with expect you. So please wake up make my morning bright, good morning dear love.
  • Every morning I wake to your loving smile, the best start to my day. I hope that you always keep smiling and be happy. Good morning.
  • The day we got married I knew that I am going to be the luckiest guy on planet. And rightly so, you make every moment of my life the happiest one. Good morning babe.
  • Good morning to the heart that beats for me, the soul that seeks me, the body that breathes for me and the human that is made for me, my beautiful love.
  • You are like a rose that fills my life with the most amazing fragrance of happy. I love you babe, good morning.
  • Dear love, good morning! Have a day filled with loads of love, joy, happiness and peace.
  • I like waking up to the sound of your voice, the fresh breath of air that is pleasant just because of your presence around me. A very good morning dear.
  • Good morning my dear boyfriend, get up and get ready for the best day of your life. I promise you that this birthday of yours is going to be amazing.
  • Every morning I am with you reminds me of the stupid dreams I chased before I met you and realised all the right ones. Good morning.
  • A very good morning to the love of my life. Rise and shine sleepy head, its morning and your favourite breakfast await you.
  • Hey baby, good morning its presentation time. Your presentation will be amazing and the management will be bowled over by my charming husband.

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