Romantic Good Night Text Messages

Perhaps the most romantic of all things said between you and the love of your life is wishing one another good night. It is that part of the day that looks forward for a new beginning, bringing an end to everything wrong and unwanted in the past. Over the ages human history has witnessed several poets and authors harboring their inspiration from ‘night’ and recurrence of parting from the loved ones.

We are however, not all poet nor do we strive to be one, but a sincere attempt and a heartfelt goodnight wish can indeed brighten up the day ahead of us with renewed hope and love. Here are some examples of romantic god night text messages that can be sent to your loved ones.

Sample Romantic Good Night Text Messages

  • If we preceded Shakespeare then he would have included us and our deeds in the dialogue between Lorenzo and Jessica from Act V Scene I in The Merchant of Venice. Let us hope someday, someone will, and with that I wish you a tender night.
  • Let us celebrate to yet another wonderful day in each other’s company. Hope days like this are stored in a bottomless bottle in the warps of time. Goodnight my love!
  • This night like the wall around the city of Troy that separates us would soon be torn down by the brightness of tomorrow. Till then my sweet love I wish you a peaceful slumber.
  • Let us sleep my love for I can’t wait to see you in my dreams.
  • You are the reason for the peace of my mind, the reason behind my every smile. Let me be the same for you, for when you wake up tomorrow I want you to smile just like I do, remembering you. Good night my love.
  • You feed my soul with your sweet tunes helping me to sleep at night. Good night!
  • With a sweet kiss and a warm touch I wish you good night my love. Sleep well and always remember I love you.
  • I wish to steal your heart while you are sleeping for you have stolen mine. Good night my sweetheart.
  • All the darkness of the night is not enough to engulf the brightness of your eyes for the moment you open your eyes a new day dawns. Good night my beloved!
  • Worry not my love for even through the night our love will burn bright and steady and tomorrow we will see its brightness in the sun. Till then my love good night!

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