Romantic Messages for Ex-Boyfriend

Romantic Messages for ex-boyfriend are the love messages to convince your boy friend to come back to your life. These messages are designed to express your apologies to your ex boyfriend and ask him to come back to your life.

These are the love messages which carry the expression of love and humbleness. The tone of the letter can be casual since, it is a romantic message. Make use of these lovely messages and pull your love back to your life. These notes of apologies can change your life forever.

Sample Romantic Messages for Ex-Boyfriend

  • Let’s get back together because staying away from you is the hardest thing for me!

[blockquote]Let’s put the things back as they were, let come together as we were, let’s stay together as we were and let’s be partners together as we were!![/blockquote]

  • Unless you forgive me I cannot forget the mistake I did by breaking up with you.

[notice noticeType=”alert” ]Do not walk away from my world, because my world is a better place to live only when you are around.[/notice]

[notice noticeType=”attention” ]The thought of getting you out of my heat scares me, the thought of losing you from my arms threatens me, the thought of leading a life without you worries me and the thought of being away from you panics me. So come back to my life and let all these fears go away from me.[/notice]

  • Give us a chance because our entire future depends on this one apology note.
  • Till the end of my life I will wait to be with you. You are my love and I will do anything to get back you.

[notice noticeType=”info” ]Your love makes me feel complete; your love makes my heart beat. Your love brings the smile back on my face and your love makes me enjoy everything my life gives. Come back my Boy, this life is incomplete without you.[/notice]

  • Without you I will die, without you I will cry, without you I will be afraid, without you I will be scared. Without you I am nothing, so please come back to me.

[notice noticeType=”approved” ]Hole me tight and do not let it go, hold my hand and walk with me. Hold my heart and do not drop it and come back and let’s start again!![/notice]

  • The music of my laughter is your love, the smile on my face is your love, the tears in my eyes is your love and the joy of my being is your love, If everything is your love then how can I imagine any life without you.

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