Romantic Relationship SMS Messages

When two people are in a romantic relationship, they often send romantic messages to each other to express their love and care. These messages are the best way to convey heartfelt feelings to the partner and are often sent through sms. Romantic relationship sms messages must really sound romantic and must be filled with love.

The following are some of the samples and examples of romantic relationship sms messages which can be used for help by anyone.

Sample Romantic Relationship SMS Messages

[notice noticeType=”approved” ]You are brighter than the moonlight, sweeter than honey, shinier than the sunlight and more vibrant than the flowers. You are my rainbow of colors which depict different qualities of yours. I love you sweetheart and cannot imagine living a life without you being a part of it.[/notice]

  • My love for you is seamless, more seamless than the oceans and purer than snow.

I promise to love you till eternity and never let you go.

Like a priest in a temple, in front of you I bow,

If you love me too, just give me one signal to show.

  •  I have been thinking about you all night. Your beautiful eyes come in my dreams and speak a thousand words; your smile vibrates through my mind all day long. Your dark hair is like magic and your beautiful voice is sweeter than that of birds. You are my love for life.

[blockquote]I fell in love with you on first sight,

Since then I have been thinking about you, all day and night

In love, there is no wrong or right

So let’s come together and end the plight.[/blockquote]

[notice noticeType=”attention” ]When I hear your voice, my heart starts beating faster and when I meet you, my whole world starts dancing. With you my love, I can conquer the world, but without you, life seems like dull and colorless. So through this message, I would like to propose to you and hope that you accept my love.[/notice]

  • If you accept my love, I shall keep you like a princess.

I will listen to everything you say; I shall make your dreams come true

I will be your prince charming and never make you sad.

If you accept my love, I will be on top of the world.

  • I love you so much that whole day only you are there in my mind. My life is incomplete without you and I want to marry you as soon as possible.

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