Sweet Romantic messages

It’s not always necessary to say what you feel. But, letting your loved ones know what they mean to you is also important.

Sending sweet romantic message to your dear one will definitely bring a smile on their face.

Sample Sweet Romantic Messages

[blockquote]Whenever I feel the tears going down my cheeks, I have notice that my heart is really very weak, for the bond I share with you, I believer it will be always golden and true.[/blockquote]

[blockquote]I accept that there were times when some mistakes took place, but for us past is the place where they all rest. Although we are quite a distance apart, remember that you are the only key to my heart.[/blockquote]

[blockquote]I am suffering with disease called love then I won’t take any medicines, or the pills. I would love suffering due to this disease, as it helps me to know how much you mean to me![/blockquote]

  • [notice noticeType=”attention” ]What is love? People who don’t believe in it feel it is responsibility. People who play with it think it’s a game. People who don’t have it believe it’s a dream. People who understand it call it destiny. And for me, it’s only you.[/notice]
  • It’s possible that I would be away from you for a minute, hour or a month, but I promise I will always there for you. I might not always say good night, good evening, good morning, but, one thing is sure that I will never say good bye…
  • [notice noticeType=”info” ]For me forever is surely not a word, but it’s a place where we will go when our true love will take us there.[/notice]

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