Silly Messages for Best Friends

Silly messages are the messages which most people usually send to the people that they are most comfortable with to goof around. This type of message can be a prank, and if your best friend has been playing pranks on you then it’s about time to turn the tables. There are silly messages below that can help you out in pulling a very effective prank that would highly endanger your friendship with your best friends or inspire vengeance to you. If you are all up for it, then continue reading the article.

Sample silly messages for best friends are offered here for free that you may certainly use any time of the day. If you think you have a better idea as you search for the perfect message, then you can definitely apply some changes in the circumstances being cited, words, phrases, and sentences. We suggest that you do the latter if you want to enhance your being a prankster so that in the future you will be able to compose your ways of prank-ing people. Using the sample messages in this article as guidelines would be the ways of sagacious minds if only they were interested in the course of prank. Although we encourage some change in the sample messages for yourself to leave trace in the messages, we advise to carefully choose your words so that you’ll pull the prank perfectly– and, perhaps, end your friendship– by setting the right tone. The tone can be sarcastic, has a sense of fake urgency, and a well-composed humor. The message can be sent via sms text messages, private messages in social media sites, uttered by mouth (in person or via phone call) or in a form of letter if you want to take it into the extremes.

  • Oh my! I am so sorry dude about last night because I was just so drunk. Last thing I remember was I saw your girlfriend looking sexy and all the guys who walk past by her catcalled her, and as your best friend of course I had to make sure that she doesn’t get unwanted catcalls so I acted in your stead as a boyfriend and she was all up for it. I downed many a bottle until my peripheral view turned into a blur. I must have been so caught up about playing the role as your lover’s boyfriend because she was the only thing on focus despite the threat of turning the whole of my vision into a blur. I took her home, like what boyfriends should do, and made sure that my embrace felt like home. Having all this said, do you think I should go to Hollywood and become an actor? I think I will do just fine. If you think what happened last night was not true then I can definitely go for another round tonight and see me act like you as good lover to your girlfriend.


  • Hello there, little buddy, so I know that you are really fond of your mother that you don’t allow anyone to come close to her or become best friends with her just because you are just so possessive about your mom, boasting to our college classmates how awesome she really is and that you have to strive the hardest in life just to see her happy and all. I don’t mean to take your place, but your mom picked me up when she saw me having a hard time with all the plastics I carried from shopping for groceries. She took me home first and gave me a really good time and, like the boy of virtue that I am, I also gave her a very good time. I didn’t know that your mom has the most wildest of fancies which really piques mine. I knew right then I would want to be a mama’s boy. I really look forward to give her another good time with my nerdy mind next time. Have a good one, mama’s  boy.


  • You think that appointing me as your best friend would stop my silly actions. Well, if you have though of it like that then you ought to think again. The thing is it doesn’t make my day when I see you being deeply troubled by someone from a ceaseless throwing of harsh words to you. It just so happens to disappointment each time that others would have the guts to tell you all of those words from hell. Don’t worry as your best friend all you have to do is ignore those cynics and you should only be listening to the harsh words that I throw at you. Don’t complicate everything. Please yourself by pleasing me, and that is to grieve in agony to my harsh comments to you. Those people are not worthy of the spot of being cynical to you, for I alone am worthy of the said spot. Have a bad day when I tell you to have one.


  • Call me crazy because I really am, your boyfriend looked so hot last night that something down there felt wrong yet the image of your boyfriend just made my knees weak and I perspired heavily. I thought that he was a god of beauty and everything for he had every asset that a man should have– well, that’s what I thought so. Above the noise of the party he whispered into my ear if it was okay to spend some time with him in a room privately because he needs to tell me something very important. We then head to a quiet room and I was just a little tipsy that I was grinning all the time as I staggered along the way. He pressed his lips into my ear gently and I could feel the warmth of his breath as he whispered, “I know you have something in your bag that I desire. A secret desire I ask of you not to share with my girlfriend. Make me the most beautiful man tonight and take your make up kit out of your bag, honey.”


  • Don’t you think this hour is the perfect time to greet the heavenly creature sent by God to humanity for everyone to gaze and admire from her grand sight a very good morning? Well, you can greet me a good morning now for this is the perfect moment in doing the deed. I tell you all people will envy your for greeting me, the only fairest in the world, me and wished that they were you. Let me just remind you how fortunate you are for having me as your best friend. You should be grateful to me because I didn’t really know what came into my mind when I consider you as a best friend. I suppose it was out of pity. Good morning, fortunate person for having me as best friend.


  • Thinking about what happened in the past has made me feel very nostalgic. I could no longer bully you now, or so I thought, not until I realize that you have something so precious that is mine as of the moment. Last night I went to your house because I was going to surprise you with a Chinese take out but you were not around, and as a product for unconsciously disappointing me I had to take take all of your trousers with me so good luck with going to work today without them. Trust me what I did is for your good, once your boss see how well-shaved your legs are you will get a instant promotion even if your performance does not exceed their expectations, this is a matter that I am perfectly certain about. You may now thank me in advance.


  • So I just found out about your dark secrets and what lies in the darkness of your closets when you let me borrowed your laptop yesterday as I searched thoroughly through the perfectly hidden folders in it. I have to admit I admire how skillful you are in such matter as if you possess a serial killer’s talent. Worry not a thing about it for your secret will live and die with me, well that is if you do not do the things that would please the very demon in me. So there’s this new chick in town and I would need you to have her convinced that I am the perfect date for her and I alone. I don’t have this much courage and neither do you but you have the looks which can captivate her. If you are successful enough in doing so, I will tell the guy you have been lowkey crushing to hang around us both and you might even score. Well, not really might I am certain that you’ll score with that lovely dude.


  • Your mom is just so amazing on the sheets, I mean can you believe it? A dude like me is so mesmerized about what your mom can do to my sheet. You should know that your mother is one of the best mothers in the world, people might even consider her one of the wonders of the world if they were there to witness what we did on my bed. For a stud like me I can’t believe that she had the guts to arrange my bed sheet in a very concise position leaving no traces of crumpled sheets at all, and once she was done with that she told me this bed time story about Aurora and the curse of that an evil fairy cast upon her when she was still a baby. I was so scared when she told me that part that I cried like a baby. I don’t know what happened then because I doze off to sleep. Why don’t I invite you both to my house again so that I can get another bedtime story with your mother and I hope this time I get to finish the whole story. Your mom is literally the dope-st mom in the world.


  • Times have greatly changed just take a look at that awful product that your mom takes pride on. Just tell me if you don’t have the money to buy a mirror because I can definitely finance you for that. Once you get the chance to take a look at yourself superficially then you will definitely think that your mom’s words are just merely feel good pills and that she is only trying to convince  herself she is lucky to have a son with the facial features carved in the image of the devil. I greatly pity your mother and I can only sympathize how hard it is to play her part. Living a life of pretense is really something that I cannot afford to spend some time with, yet your mother is forced to live a life of pretense thanks to you. Come into my house and let me get something to fix that ugly on your face.


  • If you think that you are the luckiest person alive then you ought to think again because you certainly are not, so to speak. You should always consider what you have in life before boasting to others what you have because, truly, your achievements are merely dots when put in comparison to mine. People only consider you lucky because you have me in your life. The most dashing dude in the whole university who get straight A’s during exams and exceed the expectation of everyone without even doing so. An ill bred lout like you may cease to exist and no one would bother about it, but if it were my existence to come to an end I would put the king of pop’s funeral into shame. Don’t be so conceited just because you are next to my supremely noble stature.


  • There are really times where your existence infuriates me, destroying my beautiful day that destiny has written for me. From the sight of you the happiness, palpable in my youthful cheeks, just dies because of you being happy with me. Have you not sensed the unwritten law that you should not expose your happy side whenever you are around with me? I know that you consider me as your friend because you know fully well that you don’t make me happy at all. I am the most pessimistic person in the world while you are my exact opposite, but for once will you just please do me a favor and become affected with my jokes? Because I really think that my jokes are enough to murder that “unwane-ing” gaiety in you. This would be the only thing that I beg of you, let me look at you stricken with grief caused by me for once and I can live happily and die with contentment.


  • I was convinced that the end day has dawned on earth yet many are oblivious that its magic is starting to work. When this random dude told me about the latter, I figured how true this just by remembering the rough edges of your face. I thought that calamities would randomly occur out of nowhere and with no scientific factors for them to occur, but it hit me hard that perhaps the first punishment to humanity is a missing scripture in the holy texts. I have thought about this for so long, and made sure that to close the loop of errors before coming to a conclusion. It dawned on me that your ugliness is the first punishment. The sight of you hurts the eyes of the mortal. I urge you not to step a little closer to me for there is just so much for me to live and I won’t allow anyone to put an end to those dreams, even if you are my closest friend. This will be my farewell to you, cruel punishment; devil’s curse; my friend.


  • So there was this dude last night who I pulled a prank on yet the outcome of it is not until the hour he wakes up, I mean the dude is really you but you can only read this in the aftermath of your fecal incident. So if you would ask me what I did to you last night I traded the party pill into another drug which is the cause for your incident. I mean I really had no intentions about putting something in it since I despise drugs and all. But you wanted to be so cool and enjoy the night away, so as a very concerned friend of yours I decided to take your drink and volunteer to be the one who puts drugs in the group’s drinks. Both my mother and mine will be so pleased to find out that I saved your lives from the effects of drugs. You should thank me for it. I hope you did not relieve yourself in bed for the scent may wreck havoc to your family’s sniffers. Good morning, dearest friend.

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