Silly Messages for Serious People

Silly messages are sent to people be it strangers or not to break the ice and, thus, fill a boredom-stricken time with nothing but gaiety. If you are having a heck of a time to look for the best silly messages to be the center of entertainment then this article will surely give you what is in your mind. One significance of this message is to unknowingly lift a random person’s spirits up during their worried hours.

Sample silly messages for serious people and serious times are listed down below that you may use without any costs at all. If you feel like improvising some of these messages then that will be highly suggested. Rewording and rephrasing as well can also be done if you see the necessity in doing so. These messages a be sent in the various social media sites, text messages, or even uttered by mouth. For this type message to be delivered effectively, the tone should be humorous, enthusiastic, inviting, or sarcastic.

  • Has someone ever told you about the beauty you possess? Well, perhaps they should and I know that you are fully aware of that so savor every moment you have with it because some time tonight I’ll be snatching that beauty of yours.


  • I assume that you are acquainted to nightmares since the bags in your eyes are getting heavier day by day. Here is an advise think of me all throughout the day and I promise you tonight will be a treat for you will be seeing me in your dreams.


  • The day just keeps getting brighter and brighter and everyone in here just gets dumber by the minute. This is what I thought so until my eyes fell upon yours and that’s when I resorted to the thought that maybe I don’t need to smoke cigars or indulge heavily in caffeine, for the sight of you alone makes feel so alive already.


  • There are days where I feel like killing you and some days that I just want to stay with you in bed all day laying around. Today I feel like doing both at the same time so come along on the right side of the bed and let me kill you with my loud snoring and morning breath.


  • I fully know that you seem to be absent on my side when we go together, at least that’s how people see it, because of my dashing looks and princely charms. I can do you a very big favor by being absent in this road trip that you are planning so that girls would only be looking at you. You are most welcome in advance.


  • I think of the universe as you full of stuff that most of them are yet to be discovered. I think the vastness of your mind is beyond measure which has ever faltered since the day you were created. I think of you a lot and compare you the greatest things ┬áhave encountered, yet I am recognized for being the worst thinker in the twenty first generation and I prided myself for┬áthat.


  • When we were young your face’s skin was always the fairest and everyone envies you for that, now that we have grown I didn’t know how much you invested in a pimple business. The progress of your pimple business is drastic that it appears to me there is no more room for another pimple to grow in your face yet no one envies you for this.


  • I don’t meant to dishearten you at all but this trip should not include you in the list for the skies fear to see your face, and of course for everyone’s sake we don’t want this trip to be ruined by rain so we think it’s best for you to just stay home and look how happy we are in the photos we will be uploading soon. KIDDING! get your backpack readied for we will be camping tonight in the wild.


  • Good morning to the beast who is never deserving of a good morning. So here’s me doing my morning routine and casting all the negativity to you. May this message be enough to dispirit your already long gone spirit.


  • I may not be the best guy who can provide you the best lifestyle, nor am I genetically engineered with handsome genes, but there is one thing that I can offer you which I am very much certain that brings you eternal joy. This part of me is my pride and I will be happy to the extremes if you delight yourself in this gift I will be showing you for this, too, allows yourself to take glimpses of the interiors of my heart. Behold the grand updated collection of my memes


  • You know what. I woke up this morning and my neighbors shouted good morning as she saw me then I wondered what made morning so good then I caught a reflection of myself then thought well having this good look indeed makes a morning good. You’re welcome for I have made your morning good.

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