Break up SMS Messages to Girlfriend

Break up SMS messages to girlfriend are the messages that are sent by a boyfriend to his girlfriend at the time of breaking up of their relationship.

These messages might be sent with the feelings of love, emotions and sentiments for the girlfriend and are framed in an emotional manner.

The messages can be sent before or after the breakup.

Sample Break up SMS Messages to Girlfriend

[blockquote]The day you left me was the worst day of my life, I wish we could have married and I would have made you my wife. I miss you in everything I do, I still love you.[/blockquote]

[blockquote]You are the girl who broke my heart. I am happy that finally we are apart. I hate you for everything that you do; I hate you for all the times that you were so untrue.[/blockquote]

  • Having such a beautiful girlfriend was a diving blessing. The day you left me, I am left with nothing.
  • [notice noticeType=”info” ]You are a girl whom I can never forget. Breaking up with you was a decision for which I will always regret.[/notice]
  • How can I forget a person who gave me so much to remember. You were a girl in my life whom I will love now and forever.

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