Education SMS Messages

Education is the most important part of ones life. Only an educated child can be successful in todays era of knowledge. Today everyone is in compettion with his/her peer to prove ones knowledge. Only knowledge is the key to a bright mind and a secure future.

By sending good and motivating educative messages we can motivate a child to study better and with more concentration and focus.

Sample Education SMS Messages:

[blockquote]Life is short, time is running with speed, the world is competing and you are participating. With lots of hope and expectations that you will give your best to your studied and make your parents and everyone proud I am sending you this message to make you realize the value of time and education.[/blockquote]

[blockquote]You may not realize the importance of good education now, but once you enter the real world and will be left alone to fight and survive then only education will be there with you through out. Friends and realtives may leave you in you thick time but only your knowledge will support ypu and help you in your tough times. Study well and feed your brain with the most appropriate and the best knowledge.[/blockquote]

[blockquote]Friends may come and go, relatives may stand through thick and thin but only your knowledge will stand by you and make you conquer the worl and win. Just put all your efforts and energy in studying hard and making your self aware of all the required fields. Make yourself the master of your field and make all of us proud of your achievements.[/blockquote]

  • School is your temple, studies are your god. Teachers are your guides to help you achieve your goal. With all the best wishes and good luck I hope that you really study well and not just secure 1st rank in your school but also emerge as a fighter and winner in the real world. Hope that you do well in your studies.
  • [notice noticeType=”info” ]Education is the most important sector of ones life and one must perform his duty as a student with utmost sincerity. Seasons may come and go but education will always be there with you.[/notice]
  • Hoping that you will take my advice seriously and put in best of your efforts in achieving your desired goal and emerge as a winner in your class and in the big real world with the help of your intelligence and the knowledge acquired.

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