Fathers Day SMS Messages

Fathers Day is celebrated on 16th June every year. It’s the most special day for every father and his children. On this special day each child has the desire of expressing his/her wonderful feelings for their father.

In this new era of technology sending warm and heartfelt SMSs is one of the best and easy ways to express ones feelings.

Given Below are a few Samples of Father’s Day that can be Used for Ones Reference:-

[blockquote]Father, you have been with me through my thick and thin. You have always stood by my side in all the dull and low times of my life and have been with me through all happy times as well. You are just perfect as a dad and I pray that may our relations never change. Thank you for being my support system always.[/blockquote]

[blockquote]Father, whenever I am low I always think about you. Whenever I am gay I include you in my happiness. Whenever I win I imagine how happy you would have been to see me as a winner, whenever I lose I always think of  how u would have consoled me and encouraged me to try again. May be you are not present with me physically, but I can feel your presence all over. Where ever you may be thank you for your blessings always. I MISS YOU DAD.[/blockquote]

  • [notice noticeType=”info” ]Dear Dad, you are simply the best. You are the best thing which has happened to me and you are the almighty’s best gift to me. Father you are simply awesome and I love you more than anything else on this planet.[/notice]
  • Dear father, I always see you as my idol. Whenever I am in trouble I always imagine how you would have reacted under that certain situation and act in the same manner, thank you for being with me always even when you are not present with me physically. I am really blessed to have you as my father, friend. Mentor, philosopher and my guide.
  • [notice noticeType=”attention” ]May it rain, may it shine, may it thunder, may it flood, what I always know that you your support and your blessings will always be there with me. Whenever I need a friend, a philosopher or a guide I always look up to you dad.[/notice]
    Whenever I need a friend to play or a shoulder to cry on you are always ready. Thank you dad for being all in one.

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