Funny Holiday Sms Messages

Funny holiday sms messages are the messages which are written during the holiday season by a person to another to send good wishes and that too in a funny manner. The tone of these messages must be light and funny and an effort must be made to genuinely wish happy holidays to the recipient.

One must try and keep the length of these messages concise and the content brief. Given below are a few samples of funny holiday sms messages that can be used for reference purpose.

  • This holiday was so awaited and finally it is here. Hope you have a lovely time doing what you like best (sleeping) but I hope you do wake up to read this message. Take care and have a great time.
  • Holiday time is the best time to relax, stop worrying about work and spend time with your loved ones. But this is also a time to get drunk, say foolish things and do what is not allowed. Here’s to a lovely holiday season. Happy holidays and enjoy yourself.
  • Happy holiday to one of the most free and unoccupied person I know. I know holidays are of least importance to you since each day is a holiday in your life but to fulfill the formal obligations, I am still sending you this message. Please excuse the humor and have fun!
  • May god bring to you a lot of happiness and joy in this holiday time when all that we all want to do is to relax and enjoy. Happy holidays dear friend and remember to wish me too!
  • I understand that life is a big holiday for you and you like to take each day as it comes. But due to social and moral obligations, I wish to wish you a lovely holiday season and a superb year ahead. Happy Holidays.
  • By the means of this sms, I wish to tell you that I sincerely hope for you to have great time in these holidays. Hope that this time you don’t take work at home and try and relax and enjoy a little bit.  Wishing you happy holidays.
  • Holidays bring festivities and joy and joy leads us to become elated and relaxed. May this holiday season fulfill all your wishes and give you the peace of mind which you so truly require and deserve. Happy holiday’s dear friend.

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