Funny Relationship SMS Messages

Funny relationship SMS messages are those kinds of messages which a person writes to another person in the form of a SMS and are used to state something funny about their relationship. Such messages must be humorous and they should have a light tone to them. Funny relationship SMS messages may be difficult for some people to frame and thus we have a few samples of such messages for you, given in the following lines.

Sample Funny Relationship SMS Messages

[notice noticeType=”attention” ]You and I are the most unlikely pair on the planet and I have no clue how we became friends. I am good, you are weird; I am funny, you are awkward; I am intelligent, you are kind of dumb! So well I guess opposites really attract. But having said this, I am glad for our beautiful friendship![/notice]

  • When god made me meet you, I am sure he was in a funny mood and wanted to see whether two opposites can make it in a relationship. We are a funny couple really who are ready to bang each others’ head at the first opportunity. So cheers to this relationship of love, which has originated out of nowhere.
  • Our relationship is like that of cats and dogs. You are the cat and I am the dog, I keep chasing you and making you run away while you never cease to irritate me. But this still is a beautiful relationship which I will cherish all my life. Cheers to us.

[notice noticeType=”info” ]When two opposite poles attract, the results are wonderful. But in your and my case, the results have been pretty damaging for both of us. My heart has been damaged whereas you brain has been damaged. So let’s continue this weird relationship with all the love that we have in our hearts.[/notice]

  • Ever since I have met you, I have been irritated and mad at you. You drive me crazy with your stupid sense of humor and are slowly eating out my brain completely. What misdeeds did I do in the last birth that I have to tolerate someone like you. But I guess I have to live with the reality and be friends with you forever.
  • This year, let’s promise to fight little, talk more, irritate less and love more. Here’s wishing a new start to this weird relationship dear friend. God bless us both.

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